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Increased Profitability

You will experience greater profitability by increasing cash flow and reducing operational expenses.

– Cost-savings by reduction in staff and other expenses.
– Fewer headaches in managing the Business office including training and planning.
– Assurance that the highest compliance standards are upheld.

Process Improvement

Process improvements assure:

– Full reconciliation starting with the front end encounter to resolving the accounts to paid in full.
– 14 day turnaround for government payers to reimbursing providers. – Account Follow-Up Strategy.
– Resolving payer issues.

State of the Art Technology

Use of better technology and higher sophistication provides accurate:

– Collection system designed to provide timely and effective follow up on claims and patient balances. System generated statements that are patient friendly and easy to read claims for faster payment turnaround.
– Systems and security all designed to be compliant with the HIPAA regulations.
– System reports provide detailed and pertinent information to you on A/R performance and other management issues.
– 1500 (or 837P) billing software with a robust and constantly updated edit master to ensure correct claims are submitted, resulting in faster payment turnaround.

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